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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Mr. W. K. Smith, for the loan of five letters to the Eev. Robert Nares; to Mr. F. Barker, for the loan of five letters to Thomas Astle and another; to Sir William Anson, for the loan of four letters, three of which are addressed to his great-grandmother, Mrs. Dickenson; to Mr. John W. Ford, for copies of five letters to Sir William Hamilton and others; to Mr. E. B. Adam, of Buffalo, N.Y., for copies of four letters to G-eorge Selwyn and others; and to Mr. John Boyd Thacher, of Albany, N.Y., who kindly supplied me with a photograph of an original letter in his possession; also to the following, for the loan of one or more letters or for copies:—the Duke of Bedford ; the Earl of Carlisle; the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe; Mrs. Chappel; Mrs. Chute; Messrs. Alexander Denham & Co.; Messrs. Ellis and Elvey; Mi*. John D. Enys ; Mr. G. Beresford Fitzgerald; Mrs. Fogg, of Boston, Mass.; the Executors of the late Mr. Townley Green; Mr. Simon Gratz, of Philadelphia; the Earl of Home; Mr. John W. Jordan, of Philadelphia; Messrs. Langham; Mr. G. Locker-Lampson; Mrs. Macquoid; Messrs. Pearson; Mr. George Pritchard; Mr. Charles Eoberts, of Philadelphia; Mr. E. S. Eoscoe ; Mr. J. F. Eotton; Dr. H. T. Scott; Messrs. Sotheran; the Hon. Mrs. J. E. Swinton; Mr. H. Yates Thompson ; Mr. Vernon Watney (the present occupant of Horace Walpole's house in Berkeley Square) ; the Eev. John Wild; and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (the custodians of the collection presented by Mr. Ferdinand J. Dreer).
My thanks are also due to Sir Spencer Walpole, for permission to reprint the thirty letters to Thomas Walpole and his son, recently published by himl; to Mr. J. B. Fortescue, for permission to reprint twelve letters from the 13th Eeport 1 Some Unpublished Letters of Horace Walpole.    London: 1902.